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We help companies to identify areas suitable for the application of AI, define the problem, it’s scope, best approach and data required. We are able to quickly dive into data and understand it’s quality and suitability. Then we build a proof of concept demonstrating the viability of the approach as well as the added value of a potential solution while maintaining the investment as well as the risk low. After successful validation, we deploy our engineers and deliver a production-ready software solution with a complete user interface, seamless integration with your infrastructure as well as appropriate SLAs. We are offering AI services in partnership with our sister company Blindspot Solutions.

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We help our clients to identify and scope their challenges, we help them to understand the value in their data and we identify such AI methods which can deliver a significant added value. As a part of our services we also help to define a company AI strategy, prioritize AI projects based on value analysis.

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We dive deep into client’s data and deliver a comprehensive report describing their data and the potential they hold. We pre-validate whether the data are suitable for the challenge to be addressed. We work with a wide range of technologies and any digitized form of data is fine for us.



We are able to deliver a software solution in production-grade quality including data integration, APIs and a user interface. We are able to host the solution on our as well as client’s infrastructure, or we hand over the system completely. We include customized maintenance and support agreements to secure uninterrupted, high-availability service.
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Solutions We Can Develop Using Artificial Intelligence

Object Detection and Tracking

Signal processing & deep learning to capture deeper insights into your image, audio, or video data​.

Aritificlal Intelligency for the Retail Sector

AI applied to supply chain, order tracking, racks monitoring and even crime prevention.

Financial Fraud, Detection Prevention.

This type of AI solutions are applicable for the banking, financial and insurance industry.

AI Demand Forecast and Simulation

Use AI forecasting & regression techniques to predict future events, demand levels, and system failures

AI for Virtual Assistants and Chat Bots

Bespoke solution across industries

AI for Ride-sharing apps

AI for automobile industry

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