Content Marketing & Link Building

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Content Marketing & Link Building Strategies

What are link building and content digital marketing?

This simply is a process linking other websites to yours also known as back-links or inbound links. You can achieve this through forum posting, blog commenting, link exchange and guest posting among many other ways. When done the right way, this strategy has the potential of pushing your website to the top of search engine result pages for specific keywords.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is a technique for creating value for the visitors to increase site visibility and earn links using well designed and executed content strategies. With relevant and consistent content, you can attract the desired audience, therefore, driving traffic and profits for the site. Other than placing the right keywords in your content, they have to be relevant and useful to the target audience for the strategy to be effective.

Below are some guides How to Execute Content Marketing & Link Building for the success of your website and business.

Content Marketing and Link Building Strategies

Strategies of Link Building

Nudge the customer to link to you

  • If you are a busy business with regular partners who love your brand, you can send out badges that link back to your site. These can be branded graphics akin to a customer wearing your branded cap or using your branded pen.
  • Build and maintain a lively company blog
  • The popularity and efficacy of this strategy make it one of the few recommended link building methods recommended by Google. Blogs contribute fresh content about your niche and allow for participation across the entire web. This can earn your site listings and links from other blogs and blog directories.
  • Create inspiring content that is shareable
  • This is called link baiting since you are baiting the audience to share the content out of the website with their circles who will be drawn back to your site.
  • Leverage usefulness, quality and relevant information that can start a viral effect. Such high-quality content earns your site trust hence raising ranking potential.
  • Create newsworthy content
  • The public likes fresh news, something they have not heard and is interesting. This ay you will attract the attention of news media, bloggers and the press in general who can help fan the viral fire of your links.

    Executing content marketing

  • Define the goal of your content marketing
  • Chose the content type that suits your objectives, work on your landing page and select the best format for the content. This includes images, content color, text, video and other aspects.
  • Once you have all these, frame the content in a way that your audience will be greatly impressed.
  • Build your network and audience
  • Get out and interact with like-minded people on social media networks especially those who actively log into their accounts.
  • Produce compelling content
  • Research about the particular interests your audience may have and look at other articles to get the flow right. This way, you will deliver well-timed content that serves the needs of your target audience.

    Be creative

  • Other than writing relevant content, add some creativity and engagement activities like polls, contests and quiz. Such activities can keep users longer on your site and keep them coming back for more. It is an effective way to drive more traffic to your site resulting in more revenue and visibility.

    Promote your content

  • Once you have created the right content, get the word out through the appropriate network. With the right network, your content will reach the maximum audience with lots of inbound traffic.


  • Content creation and promotion is not the end of your work. This is the beginning of even a more important task, monitoring the statistics. This will help you know which network brings in what response from the audience. This feedback can help you decide which network is suitable for each category of content.


    The secret to a successful SEO for any business if to learn How to Execute Content Marketing & Link Building. Both strategies are essential in getting higher ranking in search result. Posting articles, relevant videos or slide decks at regular intervals and actively promoting them will create quality links. These two powerful strategies can work side by side and as long as you are willing to invest time in both or one at a time, your objective will not be too far to reach.

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