Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Dev

We can help you create a mobile app for your business. We work on both Android and Apple

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our team


Our team consists of skilled UI/UX designers and 80+ iOS, Android and backend developers who provide quality end-to-end enterprise mobile application solutions and automated QA services.
WE USE cutting-edge FOR YOUR


We provide an array of services from web to mobile applications that are enriched with user-centric visual experiences. From the discovery phase to the deployment and maintenance phase, we understand the software development lifecycle inside-out.
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Connect and Sync


With a wide range of mobile apps from retail to mobile reporting, we have developed our cutting-edge technology applications that can be reused and easy to integrate into your company.
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Ready to talk about Your Mobile App Project?

We will be happy to sit with you to discuss your project, your goals and your ideas for your Mobile App

App Dev Clients

“We had tried all of the popular project management apps, but none was a perfect fit for our company - until now! We're collaborating now better than ever before.”
Samantha Jane
Lark Productions
“I just signed up for the free trial last month and as soon as I started using the app, I knew it was going to become a core part of our team's workflow.”
Jake Warren
GM Studios
"I love the seamless integration with all of the services that we are already using. That was a huge selling feature for us. It all just simply works so well together.”
Kim Smith
Squant Media
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Mobile App Dev FAQs

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Should I Choose a Native App Development Solution?

The Pros

  1. Quick and simpler approval by the store platform.
  2. High efficiency and speed.
  3. Cross-platform JavaScript code won’t be interpreted on a device as fast as a technology native to the system.
  4.  Smooth & complete hardware integration such as camera, speakers, GPS and more.

The Cons:

  1. Longer development time
  2. The cost of such mobile app will be considerable higher.
  3. Constant updates needed

Should I Choose a Cross-Platform App Dev Solution?

The Pros

  1. Cross-platform app development will take considerable less time compared to Native App Development.
  2. More affordable
  3. Usually Cross-Platforms are more lightweight. 

The Cons:

  1. Lot’s of hardware integration limitations.
  2. Lower positioning ranks in the stores.
  3. Usually such mobile apps will have a poor performance.
  4. Proclivity for bugs in the code.

Is Security Important?

Security for your mobile app development is quintessential. Developing a strong and secure mobile application will directly impact the success of such app in the future.

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What About Language and Databases?

Node.js, is the proffered open-source and cross-platform language. Java is the second most common programming language for mobile app development. Other less used languages are NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Ruby, .Net, Python, etc, etc ,etc. When it comes to managing databases the two best options depending on your budget are AWS cognito and Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services.

Apple vs Android. What platform should we go for?

Go for both! if you are a growing business this will dramatically increase exposure. Keep in mind that Apple is the dominant player in North America but Android is "numero uno" in the rest of the world.

What are the Steps in Building a Mobile App

Our development process and the different stages of it:

  • Your requirements and understanding  the app concept.
  • In-depth industry analysis, market, target audience, goals.
  • The UX-UI evaluation.
  • Client approval
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Support