The 101 of Anchor Text – Simple Guide

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Understanding the Anchor Text

Any website. It doesn’t matter what it is — they all have this in common. Nearly every page you visit on the internet has anchor text. These are links in the content that take you to other parts of the website or elsewhere on the web. Anchor text is really important for search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, search engines like Google search for anchor text when they crawl and index your pages for their search results. But what makes great anchor text? And how does improving your position on the search engines? Read on to find out about the 101 of anchor text.

What You Need to Know

Think of anchor text like a roadmap. It provides you with various routes to your location. Click on a link, for example, and you’re transported to a new destination. That might be another part of the same website, an email address or a whole new website. Search engines like Google pay close attention to the anchor texts you use in your content. Great anchor text links could propel your search rankings. This means you generate more customer sand expose your site to a massive audience. Bad anchor text, however, could jeopardize your search rankings. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

How to Improve Your Anchor Text

Anchor links fall into two main categories: internal and external links. Internal anchor text links take customers to other pages on your website. This might be a product page or a contact page, for example. External links, however, might take you to other websites on the internet. Google, in particular, looks for the type of anchor text you use when they compile your website content for their search results.

1. Make Sure Your Anchor Text Matches Content

Anchor text should be relevant. If you are linking to a news story about pets, for example, it would be stupid to name your text something like “the best flowers in New York.” This has nothing to do with the page you are linking to. If you are linking out to a news article about dogs, however, putting the word “dogs” in your anchor text might be a good idea.

2. Keep Anchor Text Shot

Anchor text should be short and sweet. Linking two or three or even four words is great, but any more and you could jeopardize your search rankings. Google looks for anchor links that are relevant and simple. Descriptive words are best to include in your anchor text. These might include buzzwords that pertain to your content.

3. Don’t Use Too Many Anchor Text Links

Too many anchor text links not only could potentially impact your search rankings but just looks bad. Imagine you visited a website that had 20 or even 30 anchor links all on the same page. It would look kind of messy, right? Aim for one anchor text link per paragraph, or even less.

4. But Don’t Use Too Few…

Too few anchor text links are just as detrimental to your SEO as too many. Search engines will crawl your website and look for links, so make sure you include a significant amount of anchor text in your content.

5. Link to Authoritative Sites

Anchor text and link building are closely linked. Ideally, you want to link to highly authoritative websites, like news portals, college pages, and research institutions. Not only does this give more clout to your own content but the search engines are more likely to favor pages that include outbound links to respectable sources.

The Link Between SEO and Anchor Text

Anchor text is beneficial for SEO, which, in turn, can provide you with a whole heap of benefits. Research shows that consumers often click on links on the first page of search results, while websites on page two or three receive far fewer customers. If you want to generate more leads and boost sales, you will want to improve your SEO. One of the best ways to do this is to use anchor text.

When you use anchor text properly, you can improve your rankings on search engines and attract more people to your pages. Still not sure how to do it? Consult with an SEO expert, who can help you optimize your pages for SEO purposes. SEO experts can ensure your website is fully optimized for the search engines, allowing you to tempt more consumers to your pages and turn these prospects into customers.

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